Diagnosis: Displacement of Lumbar Intervertebral Disc without Myelopathy, Lumbar Stenosis & Parkinson's Disease

Surgery: Left L2-3 Hemi Laminectomy & Deep Brain Stimulator

Occupation: Sales/Marketing

Dr. Patel and the Central Texas Brain & Spine team are extremely professional and a step above the rest. Dr. Patel is one of the most professional doctors I’ve ever been a patient of. He carefully explained every aspect of my care in a friendly and complete manner. He took time to review procedures prior to surgery and was great about following up after the surgery with a wonderful bedside manner. Dr. Patel came recommended by my neurologist, and I’m thankful because he got me back to a normal life. I have always been extremely active, but prior to the surgeries I was facing the fact that my quality of life would never be the same again. Now, I no longer have back issues. I’ve been able to resume virtually all of my exercise activities with no pain. This includes most of the routines in the very aggressive P90X program. He is known as the best in the business, and he proves it every day. He and his staff provide great support by being extremely helpful, friendly, and professional.