Diagnosis: Displacement of Lumbar Intervertebral Disc without Myelopathy

Surgery: L2-3 Decompression

Occupation: Director, Procurement & Contract Management

I feel great about my overall experience with Central Texas Brain & Spine. Dr. Patel and his staff are superior to other medical specialist practices I have visited in the past. They have tremendously improved my quality of life.

I first met Dr. Patel by chance in January of 2004 after being admitted to the hospital for emergency surgery to treat a ruptured C-4 disc. From the first moment I met with Dr. Patel to review the MRI and other test results, I knew he genuinely cared about me and my well-being.  He takes his time and goes over every detail and option. Before being admitted to the hospital, I was in indescribable pain requiring high doses of narcotic pain medication. I remember the evening Dr. Patel walked into my room and asked, “are you ready to take care of this?” He was so upbeat and confident. The next thing I remember, I was being rolled back into my room.  I heard Dr. Patel’s voice and realized the terrible pain was gone. I appreciated the fact that he was there for me before, during, and after my surgery. He was detailed with my after care, and did not discharge me until he was sure I was ready. I never had any problems with my C-4 again.
About 6 years later, I had to return to Dr. Patel when I blew out my C-5 disc. After my family doctor ordered the MRI, there was no doubt; I knew where I would go for my specialized treatment. Once again, faced with the need for back surgery, Dr. Patel took care of it with the same specialized and personal care I had received years before.  

Though my need for a third surgery was less dramatic, the pain needed to be resolved just the same. I did not want to spend the rest of my life on narcotics; I just wanted the pain to go away. My quality of life was suffering, and I could not take it anymore. I had been suffering for about nine months. Going back and forth to the pain management doctor was not treating the underlying problem. I finally decided to call and make an appointment with Dr. Patel.  Recognizing my post-surgery quality of life was immediately and drastically improved after previous surgeries was assuring despite the frustration I was feeling from the pain. In the initial review of the MRI, there was no dramatic injury shown. Even though the pain wasn’t as severe as before, it was certainly present. It was real, and I didn’t want it to control my life any longer. I remember breaking down crying during my visit with Dr. Patel telling him he was my only hope. If he could not find and fix the problem, I did not know what I was going to do. 

Dr. Patel took his time with me and I left my appointment with a plan in hand. He consulted with my pain management doctor, and after a couple of diagnostic procedures, Dr. Patel was able to  confirm injuries that did not show on the MRI. A few weeks later, he performed the surgery taking care of the problem, relieving the pain, and giving me back my quality of life. Soon after, I was off the narcotics. Dr. Patel closely monitored my recovery and my physical therapy. Now, I can ride my bike again, run around, and play with my grandchildren. It gives me great comfort knowing that I have a medical specialist that looks beyond the black and white test, and examines the totality of my situation.

I also love that Dr. Patel and his staff know how to deal with insurance companies. Because of a few health issues, I routinely see three other health specialists. With each of them, I have experienced some type of insurance issue. In some cases, I’ve had to file a appeals just to have expenses covered. Throughout the entire time I’ve been a patient of Central Texas Brain & Spine, I have never had any insurance issues with any of my procedures, surgeries, or visits. 

I would definitely recommend Dr. Patel and Central Texas Brain & Spine to others experiencing a similar condition. In fact, I have - my son. My son retired from professional football a few years ago and recently shared with me pain he was experiencing. I was excited to recommend a doctor I knew would help my son as Dr. Patel has helped me.