Diagnosis: Cerival Spondylosis with Mylepathy

Surgery: Mulitple Spinal Surgeries

Occupation: Retired

Central Texas Brain & Spine is responsible for the quality of life I now have. Dr. Patel’s professional care and personal compassion are the reasons I am able to walk and do the things I’m capable of today. Before I met Dr. Patel, I had undergone three back and two neck surgeries. My spine was very unstable, making my mobility painful and limited. I was told that nothing else could be done for me as my spine continued to become more unstable, leading to partial paralysis from my neck down. 

My neurologist recommended that I meet with Dr. Patel to get his opinion. Dr. Patel agreed to try to help me in spite of his concerns about the complicated nature of my spine disorder and risk of permanent paralysis. I have no doubt that he really did not want to operate, but he assured me he would not leave me in that condition without doing all that he could to help me. The operation in 2005 saved me from paralysis, allowing me to walk again.

Since then, I have experienced three more spinal cord injuries causing partial paralysis. Each time, Dr. Patel accepted the challenge of complicated surgery and has saved me each time. Following each surgery my rehab specialists said that it’s likely I would not be able to walk again. With Dr. Patel’s encouragement, I have proved them wrong each time. 

Dr. Patel monitors my spinal disorder on a regular basis and provides ongoing encouragement. I am very thankful for his help. Today, I am able to walk with minimal assistance. Most importantly, I am able to play with my two-year-old grandson. I have not met another doctor like Dr. Patel. My two brothers and one sister have also been treated by Dr. Patel, and I would recommend him to anyone for spinal cord issues.