Diagnosis: Cervical Radiculitis, Cervical Spondylosis without Myelopathy & Neurogenic Claudication

Surgery: C4-5 Anterior cervical discectomy fusion

Occupation: Retired Teacher

My previous doctor had retired, so I was looking for a doctor who could give me a similar positive experience. I’ve dealt with spinal problems for many years, and knew that over time my problems would return. Fortunately, I found Central Texas Brain & Spine, where my overall care and experience has been great.

Before my surgery, I found it difficult to walk or stand for any length of time, making everyday activities difficult. I feel great now, and that is a direct result of the care I’ve received. I walk distances now that I couldn't walk before and can stand for longer durations without pain. I feel very comfortable with Dr. Patel and feel assured that he has my best interests in mind. He appears to be very knowledgeable and passionate about his work and cares very much about the patient's well-being. This is displayed through the results of his work. The staff is very friendly and eager to answer questions, too. My three brothers have had surgeries to fix the same issues, and Dr. Patel was their surgeon. I want to help as many people as possible find the results and care I am receiving. I can't say enough - they’ve done a wonderful job.