Diagnosis: Parkinson's disease

Surgery: Deep Brain Stimulator

Occupation: Real Estate Broker

I couldn't have asked for anything more from my experience with Central Texas Brain & Spine! Dr. Patel and his staff are very knowledgeable and always kept me informed. Dr. Patel is very straightforward, which I appreciated very much. I had complete confidence in Dr. Patel’s competence and ability to perform my DBS procedure, allowing me to feel more at ease. I’m also thankful to Dr. Patel’s staff members who held my hand throughout my entire surgery, helping me feel calm and relaxed. Having the Deep Brain Stimulator (DBS) surgery has allowed me to return to my normal life with hands that no longer shake. I am able to play basketball, lift weights, and do things “normal” people do. I wouldn’t have a steady hand without the referral from my neurologist of Dr. Patel and the recommendation of the surgery. It gave me peace of mind knowing that my neurologist worked in conjunction with Dr. Patel during my surgery. I would absolutely, without hesitation, recommend Central Texas Brain & Spine to people experiencing a similar condition to mine. I even took a family member who was having neurological issues to see him.