Diagnosis: Essential Tremor

Surgery: Deep Brain Stimulator

Occupation: Retired

My overall experience at Central Texas Brain & Spine has been great! I’m still under their care, and I would not change doctors. Dr. Patel helps me to feel more comfortable during my visits through his gentleness, sense of humor, and wit. His ability to help me feel brave and confident, even as he shaved my head and placed the fiducials on my skull, allowed me to feel comfortable throughout the entire process.

He gave me my life back with the procedure. I can now pour my own coffee, type, and write. Those are all things I cannot do when the battery is turned off, making it obvious that I’m capable of these things thanks to Dr. Patel. I’m thankful my neurologist referred me to him, and I would recommend Dr. Patel to others. He and his team are amazing! After sharing my husband’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis with the young girl sitting behind the front desk, her empathy was heartwarming and more than I could ask for. I view Dr. Patel and his staff as family. They are genuinely interested in my plight in life, more than just in my surgeries.