Diagnosis: Baclofen Pump Placement

Surgery: Spastic Paraparesis & Multiple Sclerosis

Occupation: Homemaker

I’m extremely satisfied with my overall experience at Central Texas Brain & Spine. When comparing it to other specialist practices I’ve visited in the past, it is by far the best. The information and instructions the team provided were helpful and clear. The experience with Dr. Patel and his care was well organized and precise from start to finish. Before going into the operating room, I remember speaking with Dr. Patel and then again in the recovery room. This contact with him displayed his concern for me throughout the entire process of surgery. After learning Dr. Patel’s reputation and the community’s respect for him and his staff, I felt very confident of the referral from my physiatrist, Dr. Arizmendez. Because of these things, I did not feel anxious about the surgery. Following the surgery, I was surprised that I experienced minimal pain. I am grateful Dr. Patel successfully completed my pump replacement.